Changing my mindset, why is it so difficult?

I asked a friend to read my last two blog posts. I’m blessed to have a gorgeous honest bunch of friends in my life. She rightly said they seemed fear mongering…. and I realised they really do! Especially re-reading after stepping back from the rage I feel.

I get so angry when I read about what’s hidden in my household. unbeknownst to me, there are chemicals in here that you need hazmat suits to work with!

I am going to work on changing HOW I phrase these articles. If they’re all based in fear, like our magazine and media industry, how am I going to move away from that negativity into something better?

The kicker is I won’t. I’ll get stuck in a rage cycle of googling “the bazillion toxic cancer causing chemicals in your toothpaste that are corroding your insides and why the multimedia corporations are hiding them from you” and then fueling that with outrage at what I find. When in truth. I know this industry is dishonest.

We already get our daily dose of negativity…. there are enough sad stories in our news. Enough comparisonitis in all the beautifully photoshopped images of the people we’re taught to idol.

I think both for this blog, and for myself. I just need to start looking at what I CAN do. What changes can I make now that will lead me to a greener, healthier happier home and lifestyle?

Wouldn’t it be great if I had plants growing in my living room I could make moisturiser out of?

Wouldn’t it be an amazing sight to open my bathroom cabinet and know that everything in there was safe, instead of scanning it all just to find out it’s not?

How much healthier would my stomach, mind, skin and life be if the pantry had organic labels and minimal packet food?

The questions I should be investigating are where can I find this stuff!? That’s the information I should be sharing with you. I realise now you’re all capable of looking up fear mongering hidden death articles all on your own.

I feel like this is going to be a BIG change for me. Finding the positive instead of coming onto the internet with an opinion and saying “do you see this!? DO YOU SHARE MY OUTRAGE?”. Mind you, this is the internet I know….. I’ve found it to be less a place of knowledge and more a place of minds, in a fear guided society seeking validation that they aren’t alone amidst the chaos. “Am I the only one that’s seen this?” “No? oh good”

Seeing as I have no idea where to find a farmers market in South Sydney I think that’s a great place to start. While I’m at it, why not aim to find one and visit this weekend!?

NOTE: Reece the Herb Nerd is at Westfield Miranda this Saturday the 22 July! Who’s going to get their book signed? me! and hopefully, ask some questions on how I can grow things by salt water…. oh how the breeze makes my plants wilt.

What are your weekend plans?


Kat xo


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